Fluid medium:
non-aggressive and aggressive fluid medium with an abrasive particles content
Fluid temperature:
from -62˚С to +200˚С
Diameter range:
Trim design:
«Metal-to-metal», trunnion ball
Pressure range:
PN10 – PN250
Ball valves are manufactured and delivered as per
TS 3742-031-75432272-2016
Body design:
Welded, two- and three-piece;
End connection to the pipeline:
Flanged, welded, combined;
  • Manually (with a handle or a gear);
  • With an actuator (electric, pneumatic, pneumohydraulic or electrohydraulic);
Installation options:
  • Aboveground;
  • Underground (as per GOST R 56001, it is allowed to have a stem extension in accordance with Customer’s requirements).
Manufactured in accordance with
SТО 2-4.1-1108-2017,GOST R 56001, GOST 21345, API 6D
Material used:
Steel grade 20, 20Л, ASTM A 105, WCB, 09Г2С, 10Г2, 20ГЛ, ASTM A350-LF2, LCC, ASTM B446-NO6625, ASTM B443-NO6625, UNS NO6625, ASTM F568, ASTM A320-L7, ELGILOY, UNS S31803, 12X18H9T, 12X18H10T, 316L, UNS S31600, 12X18H9TЛ, 10Х17Н13М2Т, 10Х17Н13М3ТЛ, 17-4РН – and their domestic and foreign counterparts.