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New Technologies in the Gas Industry Association was established in 2012 supported by Gazprom in order to unite the industrial capacities of the largest Russian enterprises.

The Association aims to consolidate the efforts of domestic enterprises in the development and implementation of the advanced technologies in the production of equipment for the extraction, transportation and processing of natural gas, as well as to set common principles for production flow , standardizing and unification of equipment and technical solutions, and use energy-saving technologies at industry facilities.

The Association also aims to protect the interests of domestic producers in the new business environment, taking into account Russia's participation in the World Trade Organization.

In order to arrange an exchange of ideas and discussions on the challenges of the gas industry development, to develop a unanimous position for further discussion with the Gazprom management, expert sections were formed within the Association.

Targets and goals

  • Encourage the members of the Association to invest in the widespread and intensive implementation of innovations and re-equip the facilities with the introduction of energy-saving technologies.
  • Coordinate the upgrading of production processes applied at the facilities of the Association members in order to increase work efficiency by reducing costs at all stages of gas production, transportation and processing.
  • Interact with the authorities, government agencies and major customers of gas equipment to ensure stable demand for innovative products.
  • Conduct the research and development work in order to unify, improve quality and reduce the cost of gas equipment.
  • Collaborate with leading foreign research institutes and enterprises and organize joint research projects for improving Russia's integration into the global economy.
  • Encourage the members of the Association to upgrade and develop the industries and facilities. Cooperate with federal and regional offices of state authorities, public associations, scientific and other institutions while considering issues on economic modernization and innovative development of the gas industry.
  • Develop and implement programs for effective interaction among members of the Association taking into account the needs and prospects of the gas industry.
  • Assist the members of the Association in the market promotion of the equipment manufactured and supplied by members of the Association.
  • Represent the members of the Association and their interests at international conferences and meetings of representatives of businesses leaders in order to expand market for gas products.